Since MRA was established in 1997, our Jerusalem based studio has designed a wide array of projects ranging from intimate residential interiors to large-scale public facilities.

Driven by the belief that fine architecture and design have a positive impact on our lives, we strive to carefully integrate the functional requirements of our clients without compromising our high standard of design.

While we are comfortable designing within the timeless vocabularies of traditional architecture, we are deeply interested in the creation of bright and airy contemporary architecture that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior spaces.

We feel privileged to have our studio in Jerusalem, which offers us the opportunity to reflect on the city’s ancient and multi layered past whilst creating rich spaces and experiences for modern living. We embrace the opportunity to work within challenging urban contexts, and are intrigued with the challenge of integrating complex historic buildings into contemporary structures. This often requires working closely with craftsmen to test and refine details that bridge centuries of architecture.

We thoroughly enjoy the organic process of architecture, regardless of scale and are involved intimately with each of our projects, resolving conflicts and finding new opportunities from conception to completion.

Meet Our Team

Matti Rosenshine

Matti Rosenshine received his B.Arch with distinction from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Subsequent to a year in Paris he taught architecture in Rome for the University of Notre Dame.
From 1985-2005 Matti collaborated with Thomas G. Smith of producing a new, illustrated and annotated edition of Vitruvious’s Ten Books on Architecture.
In 1997, Matti established MRA in Jerusalem.
Following 25 years of practicing architecture, while understanding its role within the greater urban context, Matti obtained an M.A. in Urban Design from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

Aryeh Wiseglass

Aryeh Wiseglass (B-Arch Glasgow School of Art). With a wisdom beyond his years, Aryeh is the engine that keeps the office producing excellent architecture. He’s our big-picture guy, conceptual visionary. Our longest serving employee, he’s also the man you want if you’re in the office and you want a proper cup of tea.

Diana Weininger

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Avigail Rosenshine

Following a successful career in hi-tech, Avigail changed paths and graduated from Bezalel Architecture School in 2015. She has successfully taken on significant projects as well as efficiently running a lot of the office bureaucracy. She also maintains a roll as a tutor at Bezalel.

Odelya Nidam

Odelya Nidam joined us in 2013 and is the kind of designer that you want in your office. A Revit powerhouse, she’s hard-working, talented and dedicated. It’s also been said that she brings some much needed class to the office, but we’re not sure what that means.

Mevaseret Weiss-Recanti

Mevaseret joined our office in 2019. A Bezalel graduate, she is a super-talented and award-winning architect. Her passion for her work has quickly made her a crucial member of the team. She is also in charge of choosing the right instagram filter for every occasion.

Esti Hartman

Esti joined our team in 2019. While a student, she had won so many prizes that apparently the other students asked her to stop entering the competitions. Much to their relief. she's crushing it at MRA helping us win prizes.

Naty Lasry

Naty started working at MRA in early 2019. He's a local, and he rides his bike to work, so we knew that we'd like him from day one. Luckily he's also an excellent designer, a hard worker, and fits right in to the family.

David Preston

David Preston (BA arch Manchester University) is one of MRA’s longest serving members of staff. Having worked in London and in Sydney before moving to Israel, he brings vast experience to the office. He has lead the design and implementation of dozens of flagship projects over the years and is a motivated and very talented architect. He is also our in-house tech support, handyman, photoshop expert and runs this exceptionally fantastic website (hi mom!).

Maria Kondratiev

Maria Kondratiev is head of the Tel-Aviv/ Mercaz department. With an eye for detail and a great design sensibility, many of the projects that Maria has overseen have been featured in numerous international publications.

Barbra Belhamou

Barbara is the Parisian artist of the office. Having come to Israel alone at the age of 18, she went on to become a prize winning student of design at Bar Ilan University. Here at MRA Barbara is a talented designer and specialises in mind-blowing renders.

Ruth Tam

Ruth studied in Ariel University and in Turin, and started working at MRA in early 2019. She quickly became a vital part of our team, bringing experience, professionalism, colour and a whole bunch of awesome curls to the office. If only she would bring some of her cooking to the office also!

Tamar Shapira

A native born Israeli, Tamar came to us in 2020 as a graduate from Maalot College. She is a talented and diligent designer and has excelled working on our biggest and most complex projects to date.

Efrat Ben Shmuel

Words to follow

Efrat Meshi

Efrat keeps MRA running like a well oiled machine. More importantly though, she is also the office DJ and party planner. She's als going to make us HUGE on instagram, #MRAmassive #MRAparties #MRAcruise

Yael Schnitzer

Yael is really getting ahead of the curve by joining MRA at such a young age. This one is going places, y'all better watch your backs!

Ruchama Schmulewitz

Words to come

We’re currently looking for a talented design architect with at least 5 years experience and good Revit skills. If this is you, please email your CV and portfolio to